Botox: Treatments, Recovery, and Side Effects

Botox: Treatments, Recovery, and Side Effects

Aging is that one natural phenomenon that snatches the youth away from you without giving you any chance to stop or prevent it. It is inevitable. But what if we told ‌you can still beat this natural process at its own game and emerge as a person with a much younger-looking self? Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the most trending cosmetic procedure, Botox injections. 

What is Botox treatment?

A non-surgical and cosmetic treatment, Botox, is injectable of botulinum toxin, which does wonders on your skin. They smooth out those muscles in your skin that cause fine lines and wrinkles. These anti-aging injections block signals going to the muscles, rendering them unable to contract and look wrinkled. This treatment is best for wrinkles and fine lines caused by aging but it does not work for those wrinkles that result from sun damage.

What is the Recovery Time of Botox? 

Botox recovery is not as much as a surgical facelift. You can go back to your normal life after a day. However, to avoid any spread of toxins in other areas, you must avoid the following activities. 

  • Lying on your back 
  • Scratching of the treated site 
  • Putting pressure on that area
  • Heat 
  • Exercising, going in the sun and sauna, etc. 

What are the Side Effects of Botox Treatment?

Although Botox treatment is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about facing adverse reactions at all. However, you might experience redness, bruising, pain, and infection at the site where you have received injections. 

The more severe Botox side effects may include dizziness, swallowing difficulty, cold or flu, headache, nausea, muscle weakness, double vision, eye irritation, tearing, increased sensitivity to light, drooping eyelid, etc. If you face any of these conditions and they last longer than normal, contact your physician immediately.  

If you ‌face severe side effects, your doctor may give you immediate treatment. The side effects mentioned here are not all, as there can be many others. The better way to prevent yourself these side effects is to keep a close observation of your treated area and see for any ‌signs or first occurrence of them. Monitor them closely and see if they are getting worse.

Pre and Post-Care for Botox

If you want to see good Botox results, you will have to keep yourself away from alcohol, blood thinners, and painkillers before the treatment. Once you get the procedure done, avoid touching the treated area which means neither rubbing nor even applying any pressure. Gently exercise your face after the injections and keep yourself relaxed. 

Botox injections can be one of the best cosmetic treatments to give you a rejuvenated appearance, but if you want to achieve the best results, you must know about it first. Know what the treatment is, what is its recovery time, and what are the pre and post-care instructions. Do your research and expect good results. 

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