BOTOX: Things to be Careful of Before and After the Treatment

botox before and after

There are several things that can be done to get prepared for a Botox treatment – Especially if you have never had this procedure done before. The most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable during the process to ensure optimum results.

Here are some of the most effective before and after tips for people opting for Botox treatment:

1) Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Take proper meals and keep yourself fully hydrated before the treatment. This can be achieved by drinking lots of water, taking an electrolyte beverage, or simply having some fresh juice with some fruits since it’s high in potassium which helps prevent muscle cramps from occurring during the treatment.

Do not consume any spicy food or heavy meals at least 4 hours prior to the Botox treatment, as they may cause discomfort during the procedure.

2) Discuss Your Current Medication Intake (If Any)

Before you undergo Botox treatment, it’s important for your doctor to know about all the medications that you take. Many people have a good idea of what they’re taking and can easily find this information online or in their own medicine cabinets. But some people don’t realize that certain medications can interfere with the effects of BOTOX.

For example, blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin) or clopidogrel (Plavix) may increase bruising after injections due to decreased platelet aggregation—a process by which platelets stick together and form a blood clot when they’re dropped into dangerously low levels without enough oxygen to aid their functioning. If you take these kinds of drugs regularly, it might be best not to receive them between treatment sessions until they’ve been cleared from your system completely by two weeks following each session; however, this is something worth talking about with your dermatologist before scheduling an appointment so they’ll let you know if there’s any danger involved in waiting longer than necessary between treatments.

3) Stop Drinking Wine

Botox is to give you a youthful and natural look in a very subtle way. It combats the impacts of aging on your face and gives it the reinvention it deserves. While there is no such downtime after Botox, which makes it one of the most lucrative cosmetic treatments, it can lead to bruising afterward if you consume wine before the treatment. To avoid bruising, stop drinking alcohol seven days before your appointment. 

4) Beware if You Have Cold Sores

If you have cold sores, it’s important to know if BOTOX can activate the virus. And If that happens, it’s possible that your symptoms will get worse before they get better.

If you have dryness or irritation after getting Botox in your mouth and facial area, this usually means that one of the ingredients in BOTOX has been irritating your skin. This can happen even though there are no visible signs of damage on your skin (like redness). It is also possible that some other ingredient in the injection has been irritating your skin too—and if so, this could be contributing to an increase in symptoms like swelling or itching for several days after treatment.

5) Don’t Wear Contact Lenses During The Treatment

Refrain from wearing contact lenses during your Botox session. You might experience some pain and swelling after your treatment, so it’s best to wait until this goes away before putting your contacts back again.

6) Bring a Cold Pack Along For The Treatment 

Keep an ice pack in the freezer at home before your treatment and bring it with you to use after treatment, especially if you’re treating areas near your eyes or mouth with jaw Botox or chin Botox. 

The cold can help reduce swelling, pain, and bruising in many cases. It also reduces redness and discoloration (including darkening of some hair follicles), itching, and any other side effects that may occur after receiving Botox injections.

7) Have Someone Drive You Home Post-Treatment

After your Botox treatment, it is important to arrange for someone to drive you home. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere because you can’t remember how to get back home. If possible, it is best if this person is familiar with where they live and can meet them at their destination.

8) Ensure Maximum Comfort Post-Treatment 

Be prepared to take care of yourself after the treatment. Don’t take any medications that could interfere with the treatment. Don’t drink alcohol before your appointment, as it can cause irritation of the skin and make injections harder to administer correctly.


The most important thing to remember is that BOTOX is a very gentle treatment, so it’s okay if your face looks a little different after the injections. It may take a little time for the effects to become visible, but once they do they can last for several months. If you have any concerns about your results or want more information on how long they will last, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.

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