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PRP therapy is an advanced, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that utilizes your own blood to rejuvenate the skin by promoting the natural collagen production, resulting in a vibrant and youthful appearance.

This non-surgical cosmetic treatment works wonders against skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and dullness.

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At Syra Aesthetics, we are committed to providing exceptional care and delivering outstanding cosmetic results. Our PRP therapy is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring personalized treatment plans that deliver visible and lasting improvements.

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What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has a long history of use in orthopedics and dentistry to promote healing and growth factors in joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues.

Recently, it has gained popularity for enhancing skin rejuvenation, particularly after laser or microneedling treatments. Dermatological studies underline its efficacy in stimulating hair follicles for new hair growth.

The process involves extracting a small amount of the client’s own blood, spinning it in a centrifuge to separate platelets from red and white blood cells. These platelets, rich in bioactive proteins and growth factors, are then applied to the skin for skin rejuvenation or injected into the scalp for hair loss treatment. Considering their significance, these platelets are often referred to as “liquid gold.”

Who Can Benefit from PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is a versatile treatment and is suitable for all individuals seeking to improve the overall quality of their skin. By stimulating collagen production, PRP therapy effectively diminishes signs of aging, improves skin texture, and restores a natural, youthful radiance.

With minimal downtime and natural results, PRP therapy is an excellent option for those looking for a non-surgical approach to skin rejuvenation or hair loss treatment.

Woman Getting Dermal Filler Treatment on Cheek

Benefits of PRP



Little To
No Downtime


Natural to your
own Body

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Types of
PRP Treatments

Microneedling with
PRP Face

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Microneedling with
PRP Hair

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Scalp Injections

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Being focused on precision, quality care, and outstanding results has made Syra Aesthetics a leading choice for those seeking PRP therapy in New York City.

As a premier aesthetic clinic in Manhattan, we take pride in offering comprehensive consultations, personalized treatment plans, and attentive follow-up care; ensuring an unparalleled PRP therapy experience.

PRP Therapy FAQs

Platelet rich plasma contains all the nutrients and growth factors. This is done by spinning the blood sample obtained from the patient in a centrifuge for roughly 15 minutes. This separates the dense components of the blood sample making them settle at the bottom of the tube and leaving behind plasma, which contains growth factors and collagen.
On the day of the session, the PRP solution is prepared from the client’s own blood and is kept in a sterilized syringe. A topical anesthetic is then applied to the area of the scalp or skin being treated, and after the anesthesia sets in, PRP is gently injected to boost hair growth and rejuvenate skin.
A usual PRP therapy session is completed within an hour, including the preparation, treatment, and post-care advice - making it a convenient option for everyone with busy schedules.
PRP therapy involves minimal discomfort. A topical anesthetic can be applied to ensure a comfortable experience throughout the procedure.
Within a week you will start noticing that the skin becomes smoother and radiant, while the soreness, flaking, and redness subsides.
The effects of PRP therapy can be long-lasting, with improvements in skin quality and texture that continue to develop over several weeks to months after treatment.
For optimal results, a series of PRP therapy sessions may be recommended, typically spaced 1-2 months apart, depending on individual needs and goals.
If you're looking for the best PRP therapy in New York - Syra Aesthetics in Manhattan is your premier destination. Known for delivering exceptional skincare results, we invite you to experience the rejuvenating benefits of PRP therapy with us.

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