Environmental factors, aging, bad genetics, stress, and poor nutrition can all be the cause of hair thinning and eventually hair loss. It is not only women who suffer from hair loss, men are equally affected and many men now report severe hair loss, while deeming it to be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Both genders are equally affected by the tragic gift of aging, and are constantly looking for aesthetic solutions to regain a head full of hair.

If you are someone who is suffering from hair loss and are on the look-out for a solution, worry no more! At Syra Aesthetics, our experts offer PRP scalp injections that are proven to successfully treat hair loss, having worked for a multitude of our clients.

What is PRP?

Before we dive into the explanation of how PRP injections work, we need to understand what PRP actually is. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a solution that is derived from one's own blood. Our blood contains different kinds of cells, one of those cells are platelets. The unique aspect of platelets is that they are packed with growth factors which are essential for the growth of any type of biological tissue.

Platelet rich plasma is made by running a person's blood sample in a centrifuge and separating the red and white cells from the platelets and the plasma. This combination of platelets and plasma is the growth factor rich biological solution that is capable of boosting hair growth if applied to the scalp, or rejuvenating skin when applied to the skin.

Man Going Through PRP Scalp injection Treatment
Girl Is Going Through Scalp PRP Injection Treatment

What are PRP Injections

Our aestheticians and experts are very well qualified to administer PRP scalp injections - The process is fairly simple and involves obtaining a small amount of blood from the client. Once a sample is obtained, it is run through a centrifuge to separate the cells from the rest of the solution, leaving behind only platelets and plasma. This solution is then filled in a fresh and sterilized syringe and PRP is then injected into the whole scalp or areas of the scalp where hair growth is needed.

What Do PRP
Injections Do?

PRP is full of growth factors, like transforming growth factor and fibroblast growth factor which penetrate the layers of the skin of the scalp and start to nourish the hair follicle and in doing so causes hair regrowth. These compounds cause the release of essential proteins like collagen and elastin which are needed for hair growth and clients start to notice visible differences in just a matter of weeks.

How Are PRP Injections Superior?

Before PRP injections were recognized as a solution for hair thinning and hair loss, conventional modalities like topical minoxidil and oral finasteride were the remedies prescribed for hair loss. Not only did these medications require constant use, they were associated with untoward and uncomfortable side effects, which made them unpopular and tiresome to use. They also yielded minimal results.

PRP injections come with no such side effects. Since the PRP solution is prepared from one's own blood, it has no biologic rejection or hypersensitivity reactions associated with its use. Also, it is injected in the scalp where hair loss is occurring, which eliminates its interaction with any other bodily system.

Girl Playing With Her Curly Hairs
Happy Girl After Taking PRP Scalp Injection Treatment

What Happens During a PRP Scalp Injection Session?

Our experts at Syra Aesthetics, before administering PRP scalp injections, carry out a thorough medical evaluation with the objective to eliminate all the concerns that might interfere with the treatment session or hinder the desired results.

So during the scheduled consultations, the doctor discusses any medical conditions that may potentially cause hair loss, and to better identify the areas which require special attention - We can then do the blood work on-site to rule those concerns out.

On the day of the session, the PRP solution is prepared from the client’s own blood and is kept ready in a sterilized syringe. A topical anesthetic is then applied to the area of the scalp being treated, and after the anesthesia sets in, PRP is gently injected in the scalp to boost hair growth.

Post Session Instructions

The procedure, in all its entirety, is extremely non-invasive, and clients can very well go back to their normal activities with just some standard precautions. Our experts at Syra Aesthetics give client specific instructions for aftercare to every client after a session.

General instructions that are given to every client by our aestheticians include abstinence from applying any hair care product including shampoo to the scalp on the day of the session. Clients are also advised to avoid intense exercise or sun exposure to prevent scalp sweating, which could breed bacteria and cause infections.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

At Syra Aesthetics, we have a different answer to this question for every client. This is because the number of sessions may vary based upon the type of hair loss and the severity of hair loss.

Generally clients are advised to get three sessions, and are then evaluated for the need for more sessions. If our aestheticians decide that a client needs more than three sessions, the client is informed and a treatment plan is made accordingly.

Old man Going Through His PRP Hairs Injection Session
Shocking Girl After Getting Results of PRP Scalp Injection

How Soon Will The Results Show?

Many clients are eager to know how soon they can expect results after PRP scalp injections. Our experts suggest that the visibility of results varies among clients - It depends upon factors like severity of hair loss and the receptiveness of the treatment. On a general note, most clients will start to see visible hair growth in 5-6 months after getting the treatment done.

If you are suffering from hair loss and are tired of trying conventional methods of hair growth to yield absolutely no results - You should consider PRP Scalp injections!

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