Botox And Pregnancy: An Unsuitable Combination

botox and pregnancy

Botox has gained massive popularity throughout the country, as the best non-surgical cosmetic treatment – Since millions of men, as well as women, discovered how amazing the effects are of this neurotoxin injectable when it comes to the age-induced fight against wrinkles.

There is a range of skin-related changes that pregnancy brings along with it. You might also be dealing with the same issues such as uneven skin and breakouts that most women complain about. Another common problem that pregnant women face is the prominence of aging signs, which take place due to weight-related and hormonal fluctuations.

These, and more reasons lead pregnant women to opt for certain cosmetic procedures with the objective to feel young and rejuvenated – But the question arises, is Botox safe during pregnancy?

Most people touch up their BOTOX results by getting new injections every 3 – 4 months, it’s common to have BOTOX and pregnancy questions. Considering that Botox is very commonly used among women who have reached the childbearing age, it goes without saying that they wonder, can you get Botox while pregnant?

About Botox treatment

Prior to scheduling an appointment, patients should make sure that they possess an understanding of how facial injections such as Botox, actually work. Being an immensely popular drug, Botox contains botulinum toxin A – Once the aesthetician injects it into the targetted area, it tends to block out all communication signals that exist between the nerves and facial muscles, which then leads to reduction of wrinkles and creases over the skin.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox only requires a few minutes, without involving any invasive incisions or any type of anesthetic agent. Another important aspect that needs to keep in mind is that while Botox is considered to be safe, it is only safe when administered correctly, that too for the right candidates. This is why Syra Aesthetics conducts an in-depth consultation and assessment for all facial injectables.

We at Syra Aesthetics, initiate the process of Botox appointments by inquiring about the patient’s health as well as any medication history they might have. And we also make sure to know about any potential allergies that they might have, which could lead to side effects from Botox.

We do not recommend botox during pregnancy – In case of patients being pregnant and we would not recommend botox treatment or reschedule it for a later time.

Regarding lip flip NYC while pregnant, it is advised to avoid any cosmetic procedures during pregnancy due to potential risks to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, it’s best to wait until after pregnancy to pursue a lip flip or any other cosmetic treatment.

Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy?

It is only natural to have skin-related inquiries as soon as you learn that you are pregnant. This is the reason that you should have an expert aesthetician that you can consult.

In general, Botox is considered to be very safe – and since it’s been 20 years since this facial injection got introduced, we are well aware of the effects that it has in long term. However, carrying out studies and experiments in relation to botox and pregnancy is considered to be unethical, so our information about it being harmful during pregnancy comes from the experiments and studies conducted on mice.

When Can Pregnant Women Get Botox?

Aestheticians at Syra Aesthetics make sure to advise pregnant or new mothers who’re breastfeeding, to not opt for Botox treatment for the time being, as there is uncertainty around the consequences. So, it is advised to reschedule the appointments for a later time.

What If You’re Pregnant And Don’t Know It?

There’s a high chance of you mistakenly exposing your baby to Botox in early pregnancy if you’ve had a Botox appointment scheduled early during your first trimester, as it’s the time that you probably haven’t realized that you’re pregnant yet.

It is unlikely for Botox to actually harm you or your child in such a case since very minor amounts of Botox are injected into the body and them being facial injections, they do not move to any other part of the body either.

Just to be sure, we at Syra Aesthetics, make sure to remind you of taking a pregnancy test (if necessary) before you come in for your Botox appointment.


It is highly recommended by Syra Aesthetics to opt for safety over any skin-related concern since the risks clearly outweigh the benefits of Botox. So once your baby and you yourself are away from harm, that’s when you can get back to fighting wrinkles and smoothening your skin.

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