Masseter Muscle Botox: Reshaping Your Jaw To Perfection

masseter muscle botox

Botox is known as the most effective non-invasive wrinkle-erasing treatment in the beauty industry. Not only does it work as a wrinkle eraser but there are many off-label uses of botox as well, that have gained huge popularity. Masseter muscle botox is one of them!

Since botox is a muscle-relaxing injectable containing neurotoxin that can temporarily freeze or paralyze your muscles. Likewise, the botox injection masseter muscle is injected near your cheekbones that has the capability of changing the shape of your jaw, and the entire face as a consequence. 

This process is called Masseter muscle botox – To learn more about the masseter muscle botox treatment along with its benefits, continue reading this blog. 

What Is A Masseter Muscle Botox? 

Masseter muscles are located on the side of your face and they connect your cheekbone to your lower jawbone. They are the muscles that help you with chewing and become visible when the lower jaws are clenched. 

Botox for masseter muscles is a non-surgical treatment in which the botulinum toxin type A is injected into the lower jaw muscles. The injection contains a neurotoxin that sends signals to the muscles for blocking the nerves and relaxing the cheek and lower jaw muscles. This is also called the Jaw botox. This treatment will still let you chew but the movement will be limited. As a result of reduced activity, the jaw shrinks in size.

Uses Of Botox Masseter Muscle

Botox for masseter muscles is used for the following reasons:

  • Contours the square jaw to get a prominent jawline 
  • Involuntary teeth grinding can be managed
  • To reduce the pain, jaw tension, and clenching
  • Relieves headache 
  • Helps in creating a balanced face shape

Botox Masseter Treatment – Before & After 

Botox treatment before and after look like this: 

– Before Masseter Muscle Botox

If you are thinking of taking a masseter muscle botox, it is simply a walk-in procedure and the patient does not need to preparation for this treatment. 

Before opting for botox treatments, it is necessary to consult an aesthetician who has expertise in botox treatment. During the consultation, the aesthetician will examine your issue and will discuss the reason why you would need botox for your jawline.

Your aesthetician will also ask you for your previous medical records to make sure there is no underlying health issue that might prevent you from taking botox.

You will be fully guided on the procedure to take your opinion on whether you are comfortable with proceeding the treatment or not.

After the consultation and everything is explained you will get an appointment and you don’t need to do anything before the treatment. 

– After Masseter Muscle Botox 

The treatment requires only a few minutes as your aesthetician marks the spots where botox needs to be injected. After the injecting the botox into the targeted areas, the aesthetician will massage the area to avoid brushing or swelling – And you can continue your daily life routine after the procedure is done.

Your aesthetician will guide you through the aftercare to ensure there are no side effects after the botox for masseter muscle treatment and those tips are: 

  • Alcohol and nicotine must be avoided for 24 hours 
  • If you notice any swelling, bruising, or redness on the treated area, apply an ice pack to reduce the effect
  • Do not lie down after the treatment fora minimum of four hours
  • Avoid applying pressure on the injected areas 
  • Refrain from doing doing heavy exercises for the next 24 hours after the treatment
  • Hot baths and saunas are strictly prohibited after the botox treatment for 24 hours 

Side Effects Of Botox On Masseter Muscle 

After carrying out the masseter muscle botox, patients usually experience mild swelling, redness, bruising, or pain around the treated area. These side effects might end within a single week. There is very little chance to have severe botox side effects. They include: 

  • Swallowing or breathing can become difficult 
  • Weakness in muscles 
  • Nausea 
  • Bleeding 
  • Your vision can get blurred or doubled 
  • You can get serious allergic reactions after botox in the masseter muscle 

If you face any of these issues after the treatment, it is strictly instructed to visit your aesthetician who administered your masseter muscle botox treatment. 

Who Should Avoid Botox For Masseter Muscle? 

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, then postponing or avoiding botox is necessary: 

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • If your body faces abnormal blood disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorder, in which your nervous system gets weak
  • If there is any skin infection or acne in the treatment area, then you must avoid botox till it cures
  • Allergic to botulinum toxin

Benefits Of Masseter Muscle Botox

Masseter muscle botox will provide you with many benefits – some of which are: 

  • Teeth grinding can be reduced 

Botox injections can help you in treating bruxism, in which you grind your teeth and it might cause you pain afterwards – because botox can relax muscles, it will also weaken the masseter and relax your jaw muscle.

  • TMD symptoms can be reduced 

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder, as this joint is connected to your lower jaw, skull and helps in chewing. If you are facing an issue in your temporomandibular joint, botox can relax your joint and help to reduce TMJ symptoms.

  • Bring your face into the shape 

In the treatment of masseter muscle botox, your face will get a square shape in which you can flaunt your jawlines and your face will look slimmer than before. 

When botox is being used for this purpose, it also called jaw reduction or masseter reduction.


An unpleasantly wide jawline or pain caused by an overactive masseter may be treated with Botox and to get a successful and safe procedure, choosing an experienced aesthetican is very important. 

Syra Aesthetics is one of the best options for in NYC for all your aesthetic concerns – To get masseter muscle botox as they have expertise in every botulinum toxin treatment. 

– Disclaimer –

This blog is for informational & educational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute any professional medical advice or consultation.
For any symptoms or medical advice, please consult with your physician, Or Book an appointment with our board-certified aestheticians at Syra Aesthetics.

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