Dr. Syra Hanif - The Director of Syra Aesthetics, is a board-certified physician, and specializes in utilizing non-surgical alternatives such as Botox & fillers to help restore and maintain your beauty.

Dr. Hanif completed her residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is affiliated with both NYU Langone Health and Columbia Center for Family and Community Medicine. Her extensive background and years of experience with consulting and performing a wide range of aesthetic procedures provide her clients with the results they desire.

Before PDO Threads Treatment
Zoha Zahid

Sr. Medical Assistant

After PDO Threads Treatment
Alvin Singh

Office Manager

What makes us different

Under the supervision of Dr. Syra Hanif, our team strives to provide our clients with the most optimum aesthetic results and comfort. Dr. Hanif has merged her medical knowledge and love for aesthetics to develop the best practices which aims to prioritize our clients above all. She is an avid believer that health starts from the inside and reflects itself on the outside.

Syra Aesthetics is conveniently located within Manhattan Medical Arts office on 492 6th Ave in Greenwich Village, NYC.

Dr. Syra Hanif is a Board Certified physician with expertise in family medicine and preventative care. While completing her residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, she served as chief resident and specialized in women’s health. As a doctor, she educates herself on published medical studies and best treatment practices. Dr. Hanif’s thorough approach to first understand her patients skin health and lifestyle has furthered her become Greenwich Village’s most well trusted practitioner.

Why Choose Us

All of our treatments, its applications, and equipment are FDA approved.

We only use brand names and have relationships with the brand representatives directly. We vow to never use any off-brands or less superior products.

Our clients safety and ease are our top priorities.

Our treatments have little to no downtime, allowing our clients to return to their routines immediately.


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