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Magic of Microneedling

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic technique where tiny punctures are made into the skin to activate collagen production.

A microneedling pen, with numerous tiny needles, is used to carry out this procedure by inflicting micro-injuries on the skin's surface. These punctures trigger the skin's natural healing response, which increases the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that are essential for healthy, youthful - looking skin - They help to keep the skin firm, smooth, and plump. The production of these proteins can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Benefits of

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Effective on various skin textures and thicknesses with adjustable needles
  • Applicable to all body parts, such as the face, neck, stomach, back, hands, and more
  • Enhances the skin's capacity to absorb anti-aging serums and topical creams effectively
  • Assists in diminishing sun damage and reducing hyperpigmentation
  • Effective in addressing stretch marks
  • Compatible with dermal fillers or surgical procedures when used together
  • Minimal to no downtime and quick recovery
  • A single treatment may produce lasting results

Treatable Areas

Woman Having Microneedling Therapy

Microneedling for Face

Microneedling for the face revitalizes the skin by boosting collagen production to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven texture - resulting in a smoother, and more youthful skin.

Microneedling for Hair

Microneedling for hair stimulates scalp circulation and promotes hair growth by activating follicles, addressing issues such as thinning of hair and hair loss.

Man Having Needling Therapy for Hairs

Microneedling With PEP

PEP factor is a bioidentical protein complex that helps enhance and rejuvenate the skin by improving the skin's texture, tone, and color. It uses a combination of powerful ingredients and advanced techniques to target areas of hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and uneven skin tone, leaving the skin looking brighter, smoother, and more youthful.

Microneedling w/ pep for facial application

One of the most popular and effective combinations in cosmetic treatments is the use of Microneedling and PEP for the face. This procedure operates on the same principle as traditional microneedling, but with the added application of a PEP solution to the skin prior to treatment. Once the solution has been applied, the microneedling pen pricks the skin, promoting collagen production and improving the absorption of the PEP solution.

Microneedling w/ pep for hair application

PEP contains growth factors that promote hair growth and improve the overall health of the hair follicles. When PEP is combined with microneedling, the tiny punctures created by the microneedles can help to deliver the growth factors directly to the hair follicles, stimulating their growth and strengthening them. This can lead to thicker, healthier hair and can also help to prevent hair loss.

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