How To Get Rid Of Vertical Lip Lines: A Guide To Some Non-Surgical Treatments

How To Get Rid Of Vertical Lip Lines

Since our lips are used for multiple purposes like speaking, eating, showing affection, laughing, as well as enabling expressions; we cannot stop their use at any cost. 

It is possible though, that your lips start to show unwanted aging secrets over time. Vertical lip lines often appear on our faces around the lips that cover almost all of our faces. Even though they are shallow and delicate, the lines that run from the lips to the area immediately below the nose and around the mouth give the face a much older appearance. 

Vertical lip lines make lips appear thinner, robbing them of their youthful appearance. This is a big issue especially for women because aging is acceptable since you cannot do anything about it, but you can still work on not looking old – And appearing more beautiful is everyone’s right. 

The advancements in the medical and dermatology industry have brought up several vertical lip line treatments to help reduce and eventually eliminate the appearance of these lines. 

Continue reading this blog to know what are the reasons for the appearance of these lines around the lips and how to get rid of vertical lip lines. Additionally, considering lip flip NYC procedures could offer a subtle yet effective way to enhance the appearance of lips without surgery.

What Are Vertical Lip Lines? 

Aging is one of the biggest factors for the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on our faces because the production of our skin-tightening agents stops with age and this aging factor is also obvious around our lips. Lip lines, which are also known as lipstick lines, perioral lines, or smoker lines are those vertical lines that appear around our lips, and even concealing doesn’t work to hide these lines at some point; even if you try to cover these lines, the makeup or lipstick usually gets trapped within the skin creases, making them more prominent than they naturally were. 

This is a part of aging though, but for some people, these lines look unpleasant as it takes away the beauty and youthfulness of the face. 

In the past few years, it was believed that vertical lip line treatment only involves plastic surgery, which involves significant downtime and a high risk of complications. 

As advanced technology enters the field of dermatology and cosmetology, new aesthetic treatments are introduced to treat vertical lip lines and other facial and skin issues.

Causes of Vertical Lip Lines

Lips have the largest volume and appear the most youthful up to the age of 20, which corresponds with the peak of collagen production. Every year after the age of 20, your collagen production declines up to 1%. The mouth area is particularly prone to lines and wrinkles due to decreased elasticity and collagen as well as the thinning of the skin, making them lose their youthful appearance. Chronic dryness makes the skin, particularly the lips more prone and gives it a dehydrated look. 

Moreover, the lips are usually unprotected from the sun’s UV rays (ultraviolet rays) which also contributes as a primary cause for the appearance of these lines, a process called photodamage.

In addition, smoking, which causes the body to release free radicals that contribute to premature aging, frequently makes lip wrinkles on the upper lip worse. This is the reason why smokers end up having wrinkles and lines around their lips and it also makes their lips turn dark brown or black. 

Vertical Lip Lines Non-Surgical Treatments

Vertical lip lines are as much as the wrinkles on our heads or crow’s feet on our eyes, and with all of these, there are many effective non-surgical treatments to eliminate vertical lip lines and other skin issues.

Moreover, not only non-surgical treatments, many skincare products help in reducing these lines as well, for example, you can use Retin-A creams – These creams and serums are used to produce collagen and help in making your skin tighter and firmer. 

To make your skin youthful and healthy and to deal with photodamage, use products that have hyaluronic acid, as it can be very helpful to reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines.

Although these lines can be treated with creams and serums it can be a time taking process and if you are thinking of getting quick results, then it’s better to opt for non-surgical treatments. 

Here are some of the treatments that you can opt for as vertical lip line treatment:

Botox for vertical lip lines

Botox can be one of the best vertical lip line treatments as it is the purified form of botulinum toxin A. These injectables reduce the depth of the lines on your face when you move your mouth by blocking the nerves that cause your muscles to contract, as opposed to filling the lines on your face.

These injections work for all line and wrinkles, as it stops the formation of lines so 

that they do not get deeper. 

Your aesthetic consultant will guide you with the doses and the units of botox to be injected by determining the deepness of your lines. 

Or you can book an appointment with Syra Aesthetics to have a proper consultation and treatment. 

Laser treatment for vertical lip lines

Chemical skin peels are an additional option to enhance your skin’s appearance, particularly if your skin is dull or of poor quality, you have fine lines and wrinkles, or your skin has been affected by acne.

This procedure peels the top dead layer of your skin, giving your skin a healthier and glowing look and also reducing the appearance of vertical lip lines with more sessions. 

Filler for vertical lip line 

Lip fillers can be one of the most effective vertical lip line treatments. This treatment must be done by an expert aesthetic practitioner. Injecting a little amount of these fillers around the outer side of your lines can greatly lessen the vertical lip lines as it will reduce the movement of the muscles around them.

For that, you need a skilled and experienced aesthetician – Syra Aesthetic offers access to certified experts who’re skilled in administering lip fillers with a 100% result ratio. In addition to these treatments, one option worth considering is a lip flip in NYC. This procedure involves injecting a small amount of Botox into the muscles around the upper lip, causing them to relax and subtly lift the lip, resulting in a fuller appearance.

For that, you need a skilled and experienced aesthetician – Syra Aesthetic offers access to certified experts who’re skilled in administering lip fillers with a 100% result ratio. 


There are many ways how to get rid of vertical lip lines, but some treatments require proper sessions because good results take time. 

For that, you also need a consultation with an expert aesthetician that not only explains the procedure but understands that beauty is the right of every human.

With Syra Aesthetics, we promise to deliver you the experience you expect from us with a guaranteed glow and rejuvenation.

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