Women’s Day Special: How Can Botox Boost Your Self-Esteem?

Women's Day Special: How Can Botox Boost Your Self-Esteem?

International Women’s Day is reminiscent of the endless struggles and marches which led the present-day woman to enjoy liberty and voting rights in America. Women and feminist allies still march exhaustingly to smash the patriarchy and reclaim their movement for equal rights and the tedious gender gap, but year after year, we are coming closer to owning our bodies the way we like it

This International Women’s Day, we implore you to treat yourself to a special day by making time for yourself. Small steps count – and they sometimes lead to your friendly neighbourhood women’s day march, a spa or a salon, or a night out on the town to get the much-needed break you deserve.

At Syra Aesthetics, we aim to do our part by empowering and pampering women to stand tall and affirmative in their skin. And how? New York is ominous for high soaring prices on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. At Syra, our aesthetic procedures are not only infused with trust and comfort but also sprinkled with care confetti and a smudgeon of confidence.

Will I Be Judged for Getting a Cosmetic Procedure Done on My Face?

As per research, it takes years, even decades, for women to decide whether they should go for a cosmetic procedure or not – even if it is non-invasive. Women are judged for how they look and present themselves, and at times, shamed for making choices which they believe are in their best interests. 

Time to say no to the naysayers (because who cares, anyway?) and make decisions for yourself. If you aren’t ready for invasive procedures, that’s completely okay. You don’t have to be because of peer pressure or humiliation, but because you think it is the right choice for you. Who else would make that choice for your body and physique, if not you?

Choosing an aesthetic procedure for enhancing one’s beauty doesn’t make them vain. It is a priceless method for those looking for a way to hold on to a part of themselves that best resonates with who they are or were, and want to be in their life. 

Is Botox Worth My Time, Money, and Self-Esteem?

Aging is normal, and so are wrinkles and grey hair. Going for an aesthetic procedure to get rid of wrinkles is also normal – no judgment there.

You can be utterly happy either way, but your happiness doesn’t have to be at someone else’s expense or due to peer pressure. 

If you’re thinking of starting somewhere or are reluctant to go forward with an invasive procedure for those annoying forehead wrinkles, it is better to start off with a non-invasive or a minimally invasive one. Before you head straight under the knife, it is necessary to consult your dermatologist or aesthetician to help you think your decision through. 

Wrinkles are living evidence of your skin giving up on its humble production of collagen, the protein which maintains its elasticity. Apart from splurging on hyaluronic acid serums and a vigorous night-time skincare regimen, your wrinkles are cracking through your forehead, making you anxious about the ones that will soon start appearing on the rest of your face.

There are two types of wrinkles which can crowd your skin as you age:

  1. Dynamic Wrinkles occur with excessive use of facial muscles which are repeatedly used when you laugh, squint, or make expressions. They are usually present since the beginning of time and can become prominent and deeper with age rendering the skin victim to crow’s feet around your eyes, as well as frown lines on the forehead.
  1. Static Wrinkles occur due to loss of collagen, a protein that helps maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. As a result, the skin loses its contour, becomes thin, and sags. Loss of collagen is usually due to excessive sun exposure, but other risk factors such as cigarette smoking are also known to be associated.

Botox is infamously known as the ultimate antidote for treating dynamic wrinkles. It contains Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin, which when used in small amounts, paralyzes or weakens the facial muscles, helping them to stay relaxed. It comes in an injectable form which is introduced into the areas of the skin with dynamic wrinkles. The procedure hardly takes 30 minutes and the effects of Botox wean off in 3 – 6  months. 

Static wrinkles, on the other hand, cannot disappear with Botox, as the toxin simply weakens the muscles, not replaces or stimulates collagen production. 

Well, the million-dollar question: How long does Botox Last? 

Making the decision to get Botox is not only difficult because of the recurrent visits to your dermatologist for a touch-up. It is also due to the tedious aftercare regimen which requires you to stay away from the sun and omit exercise, alcohol, and aftercare regimen is tedious, but if you’ve invested in yourself, it might seem worth it. Consulting a dermatologist with a proper history of any underlying conditions is vital, as Botox is contraindicated in people with underlying neuromuscular conditions as well as those who are pregnant or are nursing. 

Beauty doesn’t come with a life sentence. You can be 50, and still gloriously beautiful, youthful, and fit. The definition of beauty is subjective; there is no way we are letting somebody else define beauty standards for you, especially on International Women’s Day 2023.

This Women’s Day, Syra Aesthetics is offering a 10% discount on its Botox injectable procedures. For $99, you can avail of 10 units of Botox this Women’s Day, and render yourself wrinkle-free for the next 3 months, at least!

So, if your skin needs a breather, consult our certified aesthetician to get to know more about the health of your skin, and how you can preserve its longevity for as long as you like. 

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