Everyone desires naturally full and luscious lips to perfect their facial outlook. However, if your genetics haven’t been kind enough, you can always choose to go for the next best thing - Lip enhancement at Syra Aesthetics.

Popular opinion has shown that the most attractive lips are the ones that are symmetrically balanced, i.e. when someone has the upper and lower lips which are equally sized. Also, since thin lips have always been associated with being serious or unpleasant, most people desire to achieve a more plump look - Leading to a more appealing facial outlook.

Industry leading aetheticians at Syra Aesthetics specialize in helping you reshape and enhance your lips perfectly. Our cosmetic professionals are well-trained and experienced with all non-surgical lip-enhancement procedures.

What is a Cupid’s Bow or Bowtie Lips?

The cupid’s bow, which is also known as Bowtie Lips or M-shaped lips, is the presence of a perfect double curve on the upper lip - named after the shape of a bow and arrow that Cupids carry. The peaks and curves of our lips are capable of changing the entire outlook of a person’s smile and overall facial appearance.

Girl Going through Bowtie Lips Treatment

Lip Beautification Solutions
at Syra Aesthetics

With our lip plumping treatments, you can achieve the naturally full lips you’ve always wanted. Botox Lip augmentation is an instant and easily carried out procedure at New York City’s top med spa - Syra Aesthetics.

We successfully beautify your lips, just as you expected, by injecting botox into the edges of the lip on either sides. The effect of botulinum toxin instantly relaxes the muscle above the lip, causing medically induced paralysis leading it to slightly turn outwards. This makes the lip lines roll out, which makes the cupid’s bow appear much more full and well-defined. While usually the upper lip is targeted during the treatment, the bottom lip can also be injected with Botox to lead your pout towards perfection.

Although we do offer the option for treatment through dermal fillers as well , Cupid’s bow lips through Botox is among the best possible options at Syra Aesthetics, especially for anyone who isn’t prepared to use dermal fillers.

Woman Thinking About Bowtie Lips Treatment

Pre & Post Treatment Care

  • Avoid physical activity for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid taking ibuprofen or other blood thinners
  • Avoid using makeup for 24 hours
  • Zero alcohol consumption for 24 hours
  • Refrain from touching your face unnecessarily for 2-3 days
  • Avoid all types of facials for a 2 weeks time

Post-Procedure Expectations

Our non-invasive treatments have no repercussions, however some people might experience mild bruising at the points of injection. They might even have difficulty in pursing their lips or using a straw, but all effects should improve in 7-10 days.

Before And After Results of Bowtie Lips Treatment
Girl After Getting Results of bowtie Lips Treatment

How Long Do The
Results Last?

Botox typically lasts for 3-6 months, however, you can safely repeat Botox Cosmetic treatment after every three months to maintain the look you desire.

Is Lip Enhancement Painful?

Even though our lip enhancing treatments are not painful, we still take utmost precautions and ensure the complete comfort of our clients. We make sure to apply numbing cream before giving injections so that our clients do not feel even an ounce of discomfort - However, some patients can experience bruising or swelling, if their skin is too sensitive towards such treatments.

Girl Thining About The Pain Of Bowtie Lips Treatment

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