As we grow older, most of us start noticing various aging signs on our skin. These appear in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. One such specific sign of aging is when wrinkles start forming around the outer corners of our eyes, these wrinkles are known as ‘Crow’s Feet’.

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What Are Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are essentially fine wrinkle lines that appear at the outer corners of our eyes. They can get significantly more prominent as we age and our skin starts losing its natural elasticity. Crow’s feet are also known as “Smile lines”, as they become prominently visible when a person smiles or grins. This may sound unproblematic as almost everyone gets a smile line when they are smiling or grinning. Dermatologists refer to such lines as dynamic wrinkles, and these are rarely a matter of any displease or worry. However, you may start noticing your crow’s feet when they are always present on your face, even when your facial muscles are at rest. These are called static wrinkles, and it is when these appear that many people may seek remedies to get rid of them.

What Causes Crow’s Feet to Develop?

The very simple one word answer to this frequently asked question is “Aging”. It is the one factor which eventually leads to the development of wrinkles, a.k.a crow’s feet, around the corners of the eyes. Proteins like collagen and elastin give the skin turgor making it look plump and fresh. However, as we age, the skin starts to lose these essential proteins and wrinkles start to appear. Also, the skin around the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive, so even small amounts of friction can cause fine lines to appear, and eventually lead to static crow’s feet.

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What are the treatment options for Crows Feet?

Many women and men struggle with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes as they age. The most common mistake that most of them make is that they only start skin rehydration and massage techniques once the static wrinkles have already appeared. While topical creams and facials can aid in the appearance of wrinkles, medical treatments are proven to be more effective with eliminating deeper wrinkles.

Syra Aesthetics offers the best Botox & Newtox procedures that can make even the most stubborn crow’s feet disappear in no time.

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Botox & JEUVEAU (Newtox) For Crow’s Feet

We’ve had a large number of clients seek treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet. Post consultations, our experts use Botox and Jeuveau (Newtox) injections that are FDA approved, for treating unwanted wrinkles around the eyes. Botox works by blocking contractile nerve signals, and results in making the skin appear taut and wrinkle free.

What Should I Expect During This Procedure?

The procedure for crows feet involves injecting the botulinum toxin into the skin around the eyes to make all the wrinkles disappear. It barely requires 20 minutes, while the results can be fully visible within a week. Among all the medical spas that offer this service, Syra Aesthetics stands out superior, based on our extensive and free of charge consultations that enable us to offer custom designed procedures and execution that is specific to each client’s needs.

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