The shape of your face plays a crucial role in creating the ensemble of the physical appearance. At times, we find ourselves dissatisfied with how our face appears and often look for solutions to make the facial features look better.

If you are looking to slim down the jawline or find relief from pain associated with teeth-grinding– Syra Aesthetics can provide you with a youthful and natural look.

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What Is The Masseter?

The masseter muscles are essentially the muscles attached to our jaw. These muscles surround the entirety of the jaw and are helpful to us for masticating the food and for articulating words for speech.

Reasons For Masseter
Muscle Enlargement

Although normal masticating or chewing has no role in causing masseter muscle enlargement, there are some activities which can cause this muscle to bulk up and give women a slightly masculine facial appearance.

Mentioned below are some conditions that can cause the masseter muscle to enlarge and make the jaw look bulkier than it naturally is.

1. Constant chewing motion

Frequently chewing hard, dense foods like nuts or constant chewing of gum can cause masseter muscle exertion, which then leads to muscle enlargement and bulk formation.

2. Medical conditions

It may sound strange but there are certain medical conditions that can cause masseter enlargement. Bruxism is a condition which causes consistent and tight jaw clenching especially during sleep. Anxiety and paranoia also lead to excessive teeth grinding and eventual jaw clenching. Both conditions cause constant engagement of the masseter and this contributes to the muscles getting bigger and making the jaw look wider and enlarged.

Botox For Masseters

Just as botox is a solution for a variety of different aesthetic problems, it is extremely effective for masseter reduction too. The jaw appears enlarged, wider and bulkier because the masseter muscle is constantly engaged, so the Botox works by relaxing the masseter muscle and causing lower face contours to appear much smoother and softer.

Botox, which is botulinum toxin, is derived from a bacteria, and it works by paralyzing the muscles, hence preventing them from contracting. In the case of the masseters, it functions in the same way and relaxes this muscle to give you your desired facial appearance.

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Man is Smiling

Prerequisites For
The Procedure

The team of skilled experts at Syra Aesthetics are incredibly trained and experienced, which has allowed us to maintain a superior reputation since our clients never report adverse effects.

The team of skilled experts at Syra Aesthetics are incredibly trained and experienced, which has allowed us to maintain a superior reputation since our clients never report adverse effects.

A thorough medical evaluation is done prior to the procedure to make sure that the client has no medical conditions that may hinder the procedure.

What Does The Procedure Look Like?

After prepping the skin and taking all necessary sanitary precautions, our aestheticians apply a topical anesthetic cream or solution that numbs the skin to reduce the pain during the botox injection. After numbing the skin, the margins of the masseter muscle are approximated and then the botulinum toxin is injected into the masseter muscle.

It is generally injected at two or three different sites in the masseter muscle to equally distribute the toxin. The toxin then penetrates into the muscle and starts to cause muscle paralysis which reduces the bulkiness from the jaw and makes it appear smooth.

Girl Going Through Masseter Botox Treatment
Girl feeling Happy After Getting Botox Messeter Treatment

Post Procedure Expectations

The procedure is non-surgical and takes roughly 5-10 minutes to get done, although clients can require a few sessions before results are completely visible. However, there are no specific post procedure recommendations given to the clients as almost all are advised to resume normal daily activities right after the procedure.

Generally, clients are advised to avoid vigorous physical activity and the consumption of alcohol for a day after the procedure. Antiseptic and sanitary measures are definitely required and specific instructions are provided by the aestheticians at the clinic, if/when required.


Before Botox Messeter Treatment


After Botox Messeter Treatment

Additional Benefits of
Masseter Botox

The amazing thing about the masseter botox is that in addition to treating bulky and enlarged jaws, the masseter botox can also be used to treat various other health conditions.

It can be used for headaches stemming from temporomandibular joint syndrome and for lessening the tension and aches around the jaw region. It is also effective in reducing teeth grinding which is also known as bruxism, and is an incredibly troublesome condition.

If you have enlarged jaws and are looking for a quick, effective, and minimally invasive solution - Masseter Botox is the perfect treatment option for you.

At Syra Aesthetics, our industry leading aestheticians offer this procedure with the utmost perfection, keeping client specific needs in consideration, and deliver the expected results.

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