Masseters Botox: Reshaping Your Jaw To Perfection

masseters botox

The facial muscle that is responsible for connecting your cheek and your lower jaw is the one known as the Masseter muscle – which is also one of the few muscles that enable us to chew, and make similar movements helping us with talking as well as facial gestures.

This masseter muscle can change the way your face looks in a dramatic way, with an altered lower jaw – this happens when masseter muscles become enlarged, due to excessive clenching or grinding of teeth.

For instance, an enlarged masseter muscle changes an oval face into a more square-shaped face, and can also cause facial asymmetry by making one side of your jaw much more prominent than the other one.

With the availability of the latest treatments in today’s time, people with enlarged masseters can choose to correct their facial proportions, along with reducing the size of the masseter muscles by injecting masseters with Botox – which is without a doubt, the most effective cosmetic treatment.

This blog entails everything you need to know about masseters Botox, in order to take an informed decision and successfully restore the shape of your face back to its natural beauty.

What Is Masseter Botox?

Located at either side of our face, masseter muscles help you chew your food while connecting your lower jawbone to your cheek.

The process of injecting masseters with Botox, with the objective to reduce the size of your masseters to shape your jaw back to perfection, is called Masseters Botox. This cosmetic procedure is also referred to as Jaw Botox.

This amazing treatment utilizes botulinum toxin to carry out masseter muscle reduction by blocking the nerve signals from the brain to masseter muscles temporarily; this paralyzes the muscle, and restricting its movement brings it back to its original shape and position.

What Is Masseter Botox Used For?

The widely popular treatment, Masseters Botox is typically used for:

  • Gaining control over teeth grinding
  • Minimizing the jaw tension, pain, and clenching
  • Easing the headaches
  • Contouring a square jaw
  • Balancing the shape of the face

Masseters Botox Treatment

The best part about Masseters Botox treatment is that it happens to be an instantly done, walk-in cosmetic procedure, and it doesn’t even require the patients to make any preparations.

In order to initiate, the very first step involves a detailed consultation, such as the free consultations that Syra Aesthetics provides. This will allow the aestheticians to analyze your jawline, along with discussing the reasons to opt for this procedure, as well as the expectations. Within this duration, they will also take a look at your medical history to make sure there are no allergies to Botox or an underlying condition that may cause any hindrance in the masseter Botox treatment.

After marking the targeted area between your cheekbone and the lower jaw bone on either side of the face, where masseter muscles are located; the aesthetician then proceeds to inject Botox into the target area, while the dose of Botox may vary based on the size and other factors relating to each individual’s masseter muscles condition.

The masseter botox treatment itself only lasts for a few minutes, and the service provider then cleans your skin to minimize the chances of an infection. Once the cleaning process concludes, you will then be massaged at the treated area to help the Botox get settled, reducing the chance of swelling and bruising.

Side Effects of Masseters Botox?

While generally considered a very safe cosmetic procedure due to its non-invasive nature, Masseter Botox can also possibly lead to certain side effects – these may include:

  • Discomfort, pain, or swelling where the Botox is injected
  • Visible bruising
  • Symptoms of flu
  • Crooked smile
  • Drooling
  • Headaches

Who Should Avoid The Masseter Botox Treatment?

People who suffer or are currently suffering from any of the conditions mentioned below, should be very cautious and refrain from getting the Masseter Botox treatment done; unless their expert aestheticians deem it safe.

These conditions are inclusive of:

  • During pregnancy and even when in the phase of breastfeeding
  • Botulinum toxin allergy
  • Skin infections – especially of the infected skin is the area of treatment or close to it
  • Disorders that lead to bleeding
  • Neuromuscular disorders

Aftercare Instructions For Masseters Botox

Following the masseter botox treatment’s aftercare instructions listed below, will enable you to resolve the side effects quicker than usual; while also helping the Botox settle in the injected area – The instructions include:

  • Refraining from nicotine as well as alcohol for 24 hours after treatment
  • Use of ice packs on the sights of bruising, swelling, and redness
  • Abstaining from lying down for the first four hours after the injection
  • Avoiding to unnecessarily touching or applying pressure on the treated area
  • No exercise for the next 24 hours after the treatment
  • Nor should the patient be anywhere near hot baths and saunas – for at least the next 24 to 48 hours

Expectations From Masseter Botox

The use of Masseter Botox halts the masseter muscle’s activity, by medically paralyzing it with the use of Botox. Once the treatment is completed, you shall experience a much slimmer jaw, no grinding of teeth, and minimized pain that was being caused by the overactivity of masseter muscles.

How Soon Are The Results Visible?

When it comes to the overactivity of masseter muscles, Masseter Botox brings that to a halt instantly, right after the procedure. However, the visible reduction in the size as well as the jawline contours are likely to start showing within the next 6 to 7 days of this incredible injectable treatment.

Masseters Botox Effects Lasts For?

The full effects of masseter botox from 3 up to even 6 months – and then the masseter muscles lose the effect of Botox and start resuming their regular activity.

People who want to maintain and prolong the effects of masseter botox can choose to schedule another appointment for masseter botox treatment with a gap of 4 to 6 months within the treatment.


Among all the cosmetic treatments that can be used to treat reshaped masseter muscles that may be painful, while also being visually unpleasant – Botox clearly stands out with its immense and instant effectiveness.

To make sure that the Masseter Botox is an appropriate treatment for you, along with ensuring the safety as well as the success of the procedure, you should research and opt for experienced injectables professionals such as the board-certified veteran aestheticians at Syra Aesthetics.

Unlike any other cosmetic services provider, experts at Syra Aesthetics will offer you in-depth and free-of-cost consultations that will help you set realistic expectations while developing a full understanding of the procedure you are planning to opt for.

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