How To Get Rid of Bunny Lines

Wondering how to get rid of bunny lines? Read on to find out!

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘bunny lines? It might sound adorable, but visually, bunny lines are facial wrinkles. The term is literally derived from when rabbits (nicknamed bunnies) scrunch their nose. And although it’s cute when they do it, it’s not quite as appealing when people make the same expression.

While there are various solutions to treat bunny lines on the nose before they become permanent, some techniques are better than others.

So, today we’ll talk about what causes bunny lines, the best way to treat them, and how you can prevent getting them.

What are Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines are straight or diagonal wrinkles that appear from the innermost corners of the eyes and stretch toward the tip of the nose when you scrunch your nose. People who routinely scrunch their noses when they laugh, smile, or squint their eyes have more pronounced bunny lines. 

Bunny lines aren’t only a consequence of altering your facial expressions – like most wrinkles, nose wrinkles naturally appear and deepen as you get older.

What Causes Bunny Lines?

With age, the collagen and elastin in our skin start to weaken. This means that the face does not go back to its normal resting form after a certain expression and becomes more susceptible to wrinkles.

Wrinkles appear in areas where the muscles beneath the skin are constantly contracting. In the case of bunny lines, the muscle responsible for causing them is the nasalis muscle – a muscle in the nose that contracts when you flare or scrunch your nose.

So, if you scrunch your face a lot, you create permanent reminders of this gesture in the form of bunny nasalis lines. The latter start as dynamic wrinkles in the 20s or 30s and gradually become permanent/static as you get older.

Other common causes of bunny lines are:

  • Continuous exposure to the sun
  • Stress (stress hormone cortisol breaks down collagen and elastin)
  • Smoke and other air pollutants (damage collagen and elastin)

How to Get Rid of Bunny Lines

Bunny Lines Treatment

Theoretically, the best method for avoiding dynamic bunny lines and wrinkles is to stop scrunching your nose! But if your bunny lines are a side effect of ageing, controlling your facial expressions isn’t enough.

So, how to get rid of bunny lines? Botox injections.

Yes, getting rid of bunny lines isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Botox is still among the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and if bunny lines are treated on time, they can become almost invisible.

Botox treatment for bunny lines involves injecting a small amount on each side of the nose to smooth the wrinkles out. Results are visible within a week and improve with time. However, remember that this treatment is only temporary and will require another session in about 3 to 4 months.

How does Bunny Lines Botox Work?

Similar to any Botox treatment, Botox injections help paralyze/weaken muscles – in this case, the nasalis muscles – responsible for producing bunny lines. This results in a smoother and younger appearance.

Using a microneedle, one to three doses of Botox will be administered on each side of the nose, one after the other. Botox injections for bunny lines require no anaesthesia; however, a numbing agent is applied to the area before treatment. 

Most people experience a slight tingling or burning sensation, but overall, there is no severe pain. You could have temporary redness or needle marks, but these are normal and usually disappear within a few hours.

The most important thing is to have the treatment administered in the right dose and by a trained professional. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes and there isn’t any downtime required.

What is the Cost of Botox for Bunny Lines?

Although costs may vary between specialists, bunny line treatment around the nose is quite reasonable and starts from $99.

Final Thoughts

You can stop scrunching your nose, but you can’t prevent ageing. With timely Botox injections around the nose, you can get rid of bunny lines and retain your youthful appearance for a while longer.

Moreover, following good lifestyle habits such as wearing full-spectrum sunscreen, avoiding smoking, staying hydrated, sleeping well, and strictly following an anti-ageing skincare routine can help prevent bunny lines.

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