Successful Hair Restoration Treatment: PRP Hair Before and After

PRP Hair Before and After

Several state-of-the-art hair loss treatments have now been developed as a result of advancements in the medical and aesthetic industries. There are many interventions that have revolutionized the medical industry, and patients are also looking for effective and efficient changes in their treatments and health procedures. 

Aesthetic treatments have also gone through these advancements, offering non-invasive procedures that can deliver the desired enhancements to improve your skin, hair, or body.

There is a long list of aesthetic treatments that can be targeted for the enhancement of different parts of the body, carried out by expert aestheticians, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons – For instance, you might have heard about the “Vampire Facial”, as this treatment involves the utilization of your own blood to make your skin glow and appear youthful, with an increasingly brightened complexion. Likewise, there is a treatment for hair loss which is called PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment. This treatment also involves blood to treat your hair loss issue as PRP scalp injections are injected into your scalp for hair regrowth. 

PRP hair before and after has a lot of differences and you will notice once you will properly indulge yourself in this treatment with the appropriate guidance and consultation from your aesthetician. 

Let’s know more about PRP hair treatment and how it can benefit you with hair loss issues. 

What Is PRP Injection? 

Hair loss and thinning are one of the most commonly occurring hair problems faced by 50 million men and 30 million women, according to a study. People usually face this issue after reaching the age of 50 or in some cases, stress and depression can also result in hair loss. 

There are several hair loss treatments but only a few have scientifically proven results and PRP hair treatment is one of them. 

The platelet-rich plasma aka PRP is a treatment that is highly recommended by dermatologists, cosmetologists, and expert aestheticians as they encourage their patients to opt for this treatment when facing any hair loss or thinning issue. 

Basically, our blood is made up of components called red blood cells and plasma. White blood cells are found in the plasma which has growth factors in them. The growth factors work as a signal indicator for the skin cells, giving them a message to function accordingly. Moreover, this growth factor, which is our plasma, is used in a form of medicine to treat other health issues including arthritis, signs of aging, etc. 

In the PRP hair treatment, blood is drawn from our body, usually from the arm and then it is spun down in a centrifugal machine. As the blood is spun, the best platelet-rich plasma is separated from the blood and then your aesthetician will inject that plasma into your scalp through micro needling. This procedure does not consume a lot of time but if you will have proper sessions as suggested by your aesthetician, you will massive difference in your hair growth. 

How PRP Treatment For Hair Works? 

This scalp treatment is done through the platelet-rich plasma which is injected into your scalp and boosts the regeneration of cells by stimulating growth factors in the scalp. The growth factor in the plasma boosts the formation of substances like collagen as this substance is used in anti-aging treatment serums. 

Moreover, it helps in stimulating the activity of hair follicles which promotes new hair growth. This procedure is entirely natural so you don’t need to worry about any harsh chemicals. 

The Benefits Of PRP Scalp Treatment

If you think PRP will benefit you in just one dose then it is not true. Yes, these treatments are very much effective but need proper sessions to reach the desired results. These PRP scalp injections are carried out over weeks and are redone for months – with time you will see the PRP hair before and after results as you progress through the treatment. 

Some of the PRP benefits are: 

  • It is one of the natural treatments that is directly done through your plasma which means facing side effects of this treatment is rare 
  • You will be away from all the harsh chemicals and your body will be protected from high-dose medicines 
  • The treated areas will grow thicker and denser hair naturally 
  • It is one of the best treatments for Alopecia 
  • The bald areas or thinning spots will disappear within no time 
  • Hair may begin to grow back if your receding hairline continues 
  • You will feel a sense of self-confidence as you will have grown thick hair again 

Is PRP Hair Treatment A Permanent Solution?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding PRP includes: “Is PRP hair treatment a permanent solution or not?”

Simply, these are treatments not miracles and you need to keep in touch with your aestheticians for years. The first dose will require a few visits to see the initial results and after the results start to appear, it will still be necessary to maintain new hair growth by getting touch-ups every year.

PRP Treatment In NYC

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