Microneedling Before & After Care Tips For Effective Results


Microneedling is an innovative cosmetic procedure that gives your skin a softer, smoother, and more youthful look. With the micro needles embedded in the device, the process leaves micro-wounds on your skin that induces collagen production. That extra dose of collagen rejuvenates your skin. However, every cosmetic treatment requires a certain level of care before and after the procedure is done. So if you are looking for microneedling before and aftercare tips, you’ve come to the right place. 

Pre-treatment Tips 

Following pretreatment, instructions ensure that your microneedling procedure remains streamlined. They guarantee the effectiveness of your treatment if your session goes well without any complications. 

Avoid Acne Medication

Accutane and other acne medications that have retinoids in their ingredients can interfere with your collagen induction therapy. If you want to see good results from microneedling treatment, you will have to stop taking all these acne medications with retinoids at least six months before your session. 

Stay Away from Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal methods such as electrolysis, creams, laser, and waxing can increase skin sensitivity. Try to stay away from them a week before the treatment. Shaving can be done but not on the day of your treatment. If you really have to shave, make sure you do it the night before your treatment and then properly moisturize your shaved area. 

 Avoid heat-based treatments 

Heat-based cosmetic treatment and other cosmetic treatments that can cause skin irritation are not recommended. You must start avoiding them two weeks before the treatment. These treatments include intense pulsed light, laser treatments, etc. 

Aftercare tips 

Touching your treated area

The skin of your treated area goes through the healing process for a few weeks after the treatment. Being already wounded, it can become subject to more injuries if it is not treated well. During the healing process, you might feel the need to pick on your skin and end up scratching it. However, acting on this impulse can cause you more damage than you can endure. Therefore, avoid even touching your skin right after your session to avoid picking or scratching altogether. 

Protect yourself from sweating

Effective results of your micro needling session call for keeping yourself protected from sweating profusely. For this purpose, you will have to avoid all such activities that make you sweat heavily – such as sauna baths, jacuzzis, steam rooms, heavy workouts, and swimming. 

Stop wearing makeup 

You will have to avoid using your regular cosmetic products for at least seven days after your treatment when your skin is peeling. Once your skin starts peeling, you can resume using minimal makeup and once your skin stops peeling, you can wear your makeup fully. 

Avoid NSAIDs

In the week following your microneedling session, stay away from non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs as your skin is already going through a natural inflammation process necessary for your skin to heal. NSAIDs can become an obstacle in the healing process of your skin.
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