Is Microneedling Permanent?: The Truth Behind This Extraordinary Treatment

Have you ever wondered what skincare routines are followed by people with beautiful and smooth skin? You might be astonished to learn that most people who possess flawless skin have achieved these exceptional skin results through aesthetic procedures and microneedling is one of the most popular ones of those procedures. 

Microneedling is one of the most commonly opted for and effective treatments that helps in bringing your skin towards perfection, and most people can even treat their skin-related issues by choosing to get microneedling

Microneedling enhances the texture and strength of your skin, along with providing skin rejuvenation; if you continue to get this treatment at regular intervals, it is also capable of helping you enhance your skin complexion for a longer period of time. But one of the most commonly asked questions about microneedling is:

Is microneedling permanent?”

Let’s talk about it.  

What Does Microneedling Do? 

Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment that is also known as collagen induction therapy, which aids in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, as well as acne scars; plus it also helps in minimizing pores size, and deals with hyperpigmentation. 

Microneedling significantly increases growth factors to rejuvenate and revive your skin in combination with stem-cell serums.

A wand or pen with tiny needles is spun during the procedure to create small wounds. Even though these wounds are tiny and just skin-deep, your body reacts by producing healing substances that enhance the strength, brightness, and health of your skin.  

The top layer of the skin is punctured with incredibly thin needles that trigger the body to produce new collagen and elastin. You will be surprised at how much your skin texture improves with just one single treatment, and the results become much more prominent with continuous use. 

How Long Does Microneedling Result Last? 

Generally, the effects of microneedling treatments persist between three to five months. The longevity of the treatment depends on two factors – that are:

  • How long does new collagen remain in your skin?
  • The severity of your skin issues 

People who need a lot of collagen for skin improvement will see the results for only a few months, while people with mild skin issues may see longer-lasting results. 

Your age, stress level, and how well you maintain your skin are all related to the quality and longevity of the collagen produced during the procedure. People with mature skin are more likely to produce less collagen and so the result doesn’t last for a longer period. In comparison, younger people with a healthy productive system will generate more collagen and the result will last longer.

There are some concerns though which collagen can stop its production. Those concerns are: 

  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Improper sleep schedule
  • Use of tobacco
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Unprotected exposure to sunlight. 

Is Microneedling Permanent for Acne Scars? 

Acne scars improve due to the micro punctures made during the microneedling procedure that encourages the production of new collagen. Additionally, the skin is stimulated to break down scar tissues and nutrients, while resources are delivered to the treated area through microchannels that are produced during the procedure. 

After the procedure, microneedling benefits in a way that it will improve the skin texture and lessen the appearance of acne scars. According to dermatological research, microneedling treatments can minimize acne scars by as much as 50%; but again when the question “is microneedling permanent for acne scars?” is the concern, then the answers vary on the production and durability of collagen produced in your skin.

The results of microneedling, although not permanent, can give a brighter and more radiant look on your face for the next four to five months, if an expert aesthetician or dermatologist carries out the treatment. 

You can also get free consultations from expert aestheticians at Syra Aesthetics related to microneedling and other skin treatments, they have extensive experience in turning your dull skin into a brighter and more youthful version. 

Benefits Of Microneedling 

There are numerous uses of microneedling. One of the factors influencing how long it takes to see results or how long the benefits last is the purpose of microneedling among other things. 

Some of the benefits of microneedling are: 

  • Anti-aging 

There are other aging factors than wrinkles and discoloration. As we age, the skin becomes less elastic and seems loose. Skin commonly becomes lifeless and dreary during aging. Microneedling benefits as an anti-aging treatment. Enhancing the skin’s structure and preventing against sagging is possible with the microneedling procedure because of the collagen growth that results from the small punctures. 

You will have lovely-looking, new, and glowing skin just 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Shrinks pores 

People usually show their concern that microneedling punctures holes in the skin which can enlarge the pores. But this statement is not right because microneedling does puncture your skin, instead it makes your pores look a lot smaller. This is when collagen around the skin is activated and it plumps up the pores making it practically vanish.

  • Lessening sun damage 

Microneedling can lessen sun damage, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Microneedling results in producing new collagen and skin cells, and can also help level your skin tone if you have blotchy, brownish skin as a result of too much sun exposure. 


Microneedling is the most effective treatment compared to overall non-invasive treatments and has much fewer side effects than other treatments. The best part about microneedling is that it is a natural procedure and no chemicals are used so our body can heal naturally. 

Consulting with an expert aesthetician is all you have to do before opting for this treatment and Syra Aesthetics is the ideal aesthetic clinic where you can get all the answers including “is microneedling permanent?” combined with the maximized benefits of microneedling treatment.  

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