How Many Units of Botox for the Forehead First Time?

How many units of botox for the forehead first time

When it comes to Botox or dermal fillers, every patient is unique. Botox units must be carefully monitored by the injector, especially for first-time users, to avoid applying too much or too little to the treatment site. The amount of Botox units required for each patient typically varies greatly based on the muscle’s size, strength, and location.

So how many units of botox for the forehead first time? You’ll need no less than 4 to 6 units and 25 to 50 units for smaller locations. This will depend on your plastic surgeon’s judgment and any suggested treatment strategy. Before obtaining Botox, consider your muscles, metabolism, spending limit, and overall objectives.

What is a Unit of Botox?

Every patient is different when it comes to Botox treatments. The Botox, each patient needs depends largely on their muscle size, strength, location, and other characteristics. How many units you will require is heavily influenced by the strength of your facial muscles, particularly the muscles in your forehead. For instance, you will normally need more units if your facial muscles are stronger than they are if they are weaker. For example, the muscles in the jaw are naturally stronger than those in other parts of the face, although other muscles may be more developed based on use (like the muscles needed to form a smile).

Also, men typically have far stronger facial muscles than women, necessitating more Botox units to achieve the desired results. This is one area where gender makes a difference.

 So that you know what to anticipate when getting your first treatment, these are the typical units of Botox for the various parts of the face:

  • Chin: 2-6 units
  • Corners of the mouth: 3-6 units
  • Crow’s feet (outer canthal lines): 5-15 units
  • Eyebrow lift: 2-5 units
  • Forehead lines / horizontal lines: 10-30 units
  • Frown lines: 10-25 units
  • Glabellar lines (between the eyes): 10-25 units
  • Jaw area (masseter): 15-50 units per side
  • Lines around the nose: 5-10 units
  • Neck (platysmal) bands: 25-50 units

Forehead Botox – How Many Units of Botox for the Forehead First Time?

Your professional botox injector will advise starting with a low dose of Botox units if this is your first time receiving Botox for the forehead.

Botox Cosmetic’s maker, advises beginning with 20 units injected into your forehead. Each of the five injection locations on the forehead receives 4 units of Botox.

The quantity of forehead units of Botox differs from person to person and depends on the degree of your undesirable forehead wrinkles, as a licensed botox injector will mention.

You will make a follow-up appointment after your initial Botox treatment to assess the results of the initial Botox dosage injected. You will be booked for your second Botox injection session two to three weeks after your initial visit.

Depending on your cosmetic objectives, your injector will add more units to the areas near the forehead.

The injector will then know the typical amount of Botox your forehead will require throughout subsequent sessions.

To prevent forehead wrinkles and stay on top of your aesthetic objectives, schedule consultations every three to four months.

How Many Units of Botox for Frown Lines?

Frown lines (Lateral Canthal Lines) are often measured in units of 15-20. To combat these lines, more units are required due to the muscles’ strength. More units could be needed for some people.

How Many Units of Botox for Vertical Lines on the Forehead?

Depending on your wrinkles’ severity, a forehead botox injection may need anywhere from 10 to 50 units. The producer of Botox, Allergan, recommends using 4 units at each of the “five” spots on the forehead.

How Many Units of Botox for Crow’s Feet

The FDA recommends 12 units on each side to treat crow’s feet. However, individual patients may respond differently. 15–25 units are typically effective for treating frown lines, whereas 10–15 units are effective for treating forehead lines.

How Many Units of Botox is Normal?

Several units – The manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic’s standard recommendation is four units for each injection location (20 total). According to most dermatologists, each patient receives between 10 and 50 total units, depending on their needs and prior experience with the treatment.

How Long Does Botox Last on the Forehead?

Yet Botox loses its effectiveness over time. Since your body is constantly creating new neurotransmitters, the “blocking” effects of the Botox injection will eventually disappear. In general, Botox treatments for the forehead endure for about 4 months.


Together with you, your cosmetic doctor will create a personalized plan to assist you in gradually increasing the recommended dosage of Botox. The ideal strategy is to start small and work your way up. Especially if you are receiving Botox for the first time, more can be added when you return for your two-week follow-up consultation.The effects of Botox treatment will peak after two weeks; therefore, now is the ideal time to evaluate the outcomes. It is simple to add more units, but once they have been distributed, they cannot be taken away. The effects may persist for up to three to four months. You would need to wait for the effects of too much Botox to wear off. Consult a cosmetic surgeon or an injectable specialist the next time you’re looking for Botox treatments and thinking, “how many units of botox for the forehead first time?”

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