Cupids Bow Lip Filler: A Guide To Perfect Lips

Cupids Bow Lip Filler

Since we all desire a perfect facial outlook, that is youthful as well as pleasantly appealing; we want our lips to appear naturally full and luscious. Nonetheless, people who haven’t been blessed with visually appealing genetics, they have the option to choose cosmetic treatments and cupid’s bow lip fillers as lip enhancements.

Considering the beauty standards of today’s world, it is widely accepted that lips that are symmetrically balanced are said to be the most attractive ones, i.e. when the upper and lower lip are equally sized. People who are opting for lip-enhancing cosmetic procedures, want their lips to be plumper, as thin lips have always been associated with a serious or unpleasant look, which can be addressed through options like Botox lip flip NYC.

What is a Cupid’s Bow?

A cupid’s bow, which is also referred to as Bowtie Lips or even M-shaped lips, can easily be explained as a perfect-looking upper lip that has an accurate double curve over it. With its name driven by the shape of the bow and arrow that the Cupids carry, these double peaked curves on the upper lip have much more effect on our facial appearance than we expect, it can enhance the entire outlook of our faces.

What is The Purpose of Cupid’s Bow?

Cupid’s bow is only good enough when it comes to making our faces look more attractive and up to the universal beauty standards – However, there are no researches, nor any experiments that have shown cupid’s bow to have any sort of involvement in improving or deteriorating a body’s health or well-being.

Another benefit of cupid’s bow, on top of the enhanced facial beauty, is that the dip present at the center of the upper lip between the two peaked curves, allows the lip to have more space for it to move and express; leading to an increased range of expressions for non-verbal communication.

Cupid’s Bow Lip Filler at Syra Aesthetics

For everyone who desires to have naturally full and luscious-looking lips; modern lip-plumping treatments are the perfect solution for you all. Out of all the cosmetic treatments that are used for lip augmentation, Botox has proven itself to be the most effective one of all, along with being an instant and easily done noninvasive procedure.

At Syra Aesthetics, our board-certified expert aestheticians ensure to deliver the results that you expect, by successfully beautifying your lips. While administering Botox for cupid’s bow, the aesthetician will inject the botox into the edges of your lips, on either side of the face.  As Botox starts with its effect, the muscles present above the lip are temporarily paralyzed in a medically controlled manner, which leads the lips to turn outwards, rolling out the lip lines and making the cupid’s bow more prominent, full, and well-defined. Generally, when Botox is being used for bowtie lips, it is injected in the upper lip – however, to achieve an ultimately perfect pout even the lower lip can be injected with Botox.

While Botox happens to be the number one choice for most people when it comes to Cupid’s bow, considering its safe nature and instant results – Nevertheless, another injectable treatment option that can be used for bowtie lips are “Dermal Fillers”.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Once injected, the effect of Botox on the treated area, can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months i.e. different for all individuals. Nonetheless, it is completely safe and in fact even recommended by expert aestheticians, to have the Botox injectables repeated at every 3 months interval; which would ensure to maintain the look you’ve achieved.


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