How Often Should You Dermaplane?

How Often Should You Dermaplane?

You always wonder how these red-carpet celebrities have such glowing and radiant skin – How are these celebrities always shining and glittering everywhere? 

What is the secret behind their silky and smooth skin? 

Dermaplaning treatment is the answer to all of these questions, as this treatment is a method and the beauty secret for red-carpet-ready skin; spreading glamor and gaining everyone’s attention at the party. 

The answer is simple yet prolonged, as there is a lot more to discover about this treatment. The dermaplaning treatment is an effective way to rejuvenate your face and enhance the glow of your face. This treatment might sound deceitfully simple but will give you explicitly transformative results for dull skin. 

Let’s scoop up more to know about Dermaplaning treatment and how often you should Dermaplane.

What Is Dermaplaning Treatment? 

A myth that has lived in us for many years was that women can’t shave their facial hair as they thought shaving would grow thicker and darker hair – However, Dermaplaning treatment proved it wrong!

Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that eliminates dull and pigmented skin and turns it into a glowing and radiant one, giving your skin a balanced tone. It is one of the dermaplaning long-term effects that remain on your face and you can have a no-makeup skin for a long time. 

Dermaplaning is an antibacterial treatment that exfoliates dead skin and peach fuzz from your skin in the form of layers and this procedure is done with an exfoliating device called a scalpel. 

Dermaplaning results in the improvement of your skin texture and minimize uneven skin tone. This facial therapy can increase the collagen production in your skin through which you can see your wrinkles and frown lines disappear while enhancing the elasticity of your skin. 

Dermaplane Benefits

Dermaplaning offers facial benefits in many beautiful ways – Some of them are: 

No break from the routine

Dermaplaning treatment is a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates the layers of your dead skin for luminous skin through a pain-free procedure. This treatment has no downtime or break which means you can get back to a normal routine once you are done with this facial treatment, 

Suitable for all skin types

This treatment can opt for any skin type even if you have sensitive skin. Dermaplane benefits pregnant women too, as this treatment is safe for them and if you are into any other beauty treatment then combining this treatment with others will result in no harm. You just need to discuss your condition with professional and certified aestheticians at Syra Aesthetic

Better product absorption in the skin

Dermaplaning treatment involves scaling the dull or dead skin layer of your face which is quite effective for your skin regimen. Removing the dead skin off will absorb the products better in the skin. 

An anti-aging treatment 

One of the dermaplaning long-term effects and benefits include anti-aging. As it removes impurities and facial hair, making your skin much smoother than before. The exfoliation also increases collagen production which helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

How Often Should You Dermaplane? 

A common question that occurs among all skincare enthusiasts is how often should you dermaplane and how long do dermaplaning results last

The answer to these questions may differ for everyone because dermaplaning treatment depends on the skin’s needs and condition – Get in touch with our expert dermatologist or an aesthetician at Syra Aesthetics to achieve your desired results. 

But for clearing the concerns, dermaplaning treatment should be done once a month as the body replaces the dead skin cells with new ones so there should be a distance between the treatments. 

Another key point for dermaplaning long-term effects is to be constant in the treatment because consistency is the key to getting smoother, clearer, and brighter skin. 

Religiously following the daily skincare routine is a must during the overall treatment process. 

Can you Dermaplane at Home?

According to the experts, doing dermaplane at home is a big no – Patients should never attempt dermaplane facials at home because the tools are not appropriate to do the such treatment as it only includes dry shaving kits. 

Doing the treatment at home by using these tools will only remove a little number of your dead cells that will still show your uneven skin tone and texture; on the other hand, if you will go for a clinical treatment you will see the difference in the first go. 

Getting the dermaplaning treatment from professionals has different dermaplane benefits as the professionals have the appropriate tools and expertise that can be safe and effective for your skin, delivering the results you desire. 

There’s an extensive list of Dermaplane facial benefits, and that’s why it is mostly every dermatologist or aesthetician recommends it for all patients above 18 years. 

Syra Aesthetics offers a result-oriented dermaplaning treatment that provides smooth skin, reduces acne scars, and removes fine lines and wrinkles with immediate results – As Syra Aesthetic has experts to administer dermaplaning treatments the results are always promising on our end.

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