Wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging are inevitable - Their appearance cannot be avoided, but there are certain solutions to help you fix them once they have started to appear.

Jeuveau, commonly known as Newtox, is a recent addition to the injectables used to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear, while making the skin look fresher and younger.

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What Is Jeuveau™?

Jeuveau™ was FDA approved as an aesthetic injectable in 2019. Just like Botox, Jeuveau or Newtox is a neuromodulator too. It is derived from Botulinum Toxin A that is a spastic paralytic agent, but has much less impurities than Botox. Jeuveau™ blocks neurological signals from reaching the muscles, and prevents them from being flexed during any facial expression. Once Newtox is injected into the muscles, it makes it taut and gives the skin a tighter look; which makes the fine lines disappear, and the skin starts appearing younger and revitalized.

Girl feeling and touching her cheek after Jeuveau Treatment

Jeuveau™ vs. Botox:
Key Differences

Neuromodulator Injectables have been used for a very long time for aesthetic purposes. Botox has been the most effective & efficient method of treating facial wrinkles along with various other medical conditions; like torticollis, strabismus, and blepharospasm.

Jeuveau works just like Botox, and is quite similar in many ways; but there still are a few differences that can be helpful when opting for one of the two injectables.


Jeuveau is prepared using the Hi-Pure technology which removes impurities, like toxic proteins, from the formulation. Whereas Botox preparation does not involve the Hi-Pure technology, and therefore the formulation may include some impurities.


The Hi-Pure technology used to prepare Jeuveau makes it easier to be absorbed in the muscle - While Botox may not be as efficiently absorbed as Jeuveau.


Jeuveau treatment is strictly recommended for cosmetic purposes only, and should not be used for any other medical conditions. However Botox can be used for both aesthetic, as well as medical conditions like cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, blepharospasm, and strabismus.


Jeuveau works much faster and its results can be witnessed as early as 1-2 days. Botox on the other hand, takes a little longer to work, and its results may start appearing within 1-2 weeks of the treatment.

How does Jeuveau™ work?

Jeuveau a.k.a Newtox is a neuromodulator derived from the Botulinum Toxin A, and it works by blocking the neurological signals to the facial muscles. This medically induced blockade relaxes the facial muscles and prevents muscle-flexing during facial expressions. This results in smoothening of the formed facial lines - Giving a more relaxed, rejuvenated, and fresher look without making your skin look unnatural or plastic like.

What to Expect During a Jeuveau (Newtox) Treatment?

Before Jeuveau Newtox Treatment Face
After Jeuveau Newtox Treatment Face

A Jeuveau (Newtox) treatment works just like any other injectable. It is administered with the use of very fine needles that deliver the medication into the muscle fibers. It may cause mild discomfort, which is often reported as a slight pinching sensation; but patients almost never report any severe and troublesome discomfort. However, if you have a low pain threshold, a local numbing agent can be used before the procedure to prevent & ease the pain. Some localized redness, itching, and bruising may be visible right after the procedure, but these are all mild and are usually resolved in a day or two, without any residual effects.

The procedure gets done in 15- 30 minutes and the patients can resume their normal activities right after the treatment, as no convalescence is required. It is advised to let your doctor know about your previous cosmetic procedures and any allergic or anaphylactic reactions so that safety measures can be taken appropriately.

Jeuveau™ Newtox - Before and After Results

After the administration of the Jeuveau™ (Newtox) treatment, results can be visible as early as 1-2 days. However, the full effect of the neuromodulation may be visible in 1-2 weeks. The effects of Jeuveau lasts for up to 3-6 months, and high patient satisfaction is reported with this injectable.

Some patients experience longevity of treatment effects, which is attributed to individual patient factors. Differences in muscle mass and medication metabolism are some significant factors that may contribute to the disparity of treatment longevity in various patients.

Before and After Results of Jeuveau Newtox Treatment

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