How To Get Rid of Under Chin Fat?

under chin fat

A double chin, medically known as submental fat, is a prevalent issue. Many seek ways to get rid of underchin fat to enhance their facial appearance and desire its reduction.

In this comprehensive guide by Syra Aesthetics, we’ll discuss the causes of a double chin, explore various treatment options for double chin removal, explain Kybella as a leading solution for under-chin fat, and other important details about this amazing cosmetic treatment for double chin removal.

Let’s discover how you can achieve a more sculpted and youthful profile at Syra Aesthetics.

What Causes Double Chin?

Double chin is a very commonly occurring concern that can be seen affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Understanding the factors that contribute to its development is crucial in order to opt for effective treatments for double chin removal.

Here is a list of the root causes of a double chin:

1. Genetics:
The genetic lottery plays a significant role in determining your predisposition to submental fat. If your parents or grandparents had double chins, you may be more likely to develop one as well. Genetics can influence the distribution of fat in your body, including the area under the chin.

2. Aging:
As we age, the skin’s elasticity naturally decreases. This reduction in skin firmness can lead to sagging in various areas of the body, including the chin. The loss of collagen and elastin, which are essential proteins responsible for skin’s suppleness and tightness, contribute to this aging-related factor.

3. Weight Gain:
Excess body weight can also lead to fat accumulation in multiple areas and the under chin fat is no exception. When you gain weight, fat cells increase in size, which can result in the development of a double chin. Weight fluctuations, even minor ones, can exacerbate this effect.

4. Poor Posture:
Maintaining poor posture, such as slouching or tilting your head downward frequently, can weaken the muscles in the neck and chin area over time. This weakening can lead to a loss of muscle tone and contribute to the appearance of fat beneath the chin.

5. Diet and Lifestyle:
Unhealthy dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain, which, as mentioned earlier, is a significant factor in the development of a double chin. A diet high in processed foods and sugars can lead to weight gain and, consequently, fat under the chin.

6. Hormonal Changes:
Hormonal imbalances, often associated with factors like thyroid disorders or menopause, can affect fat distribution in the body, potentially leading to the development of a double chin.

7. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption:
These lifestyle habits can accelerate the aging process and contribute to sagging skin and a double chin. Smoking, in particular, reduces blood flow to the skin, which can result in premature aging.

How To Get Rid of Under Chin Fat?

Double chin a.k.a fat under the chin is one of the most commonly experienced cosmetic concerns and so, the number of people inquiring “How to get rid of under chin fat?” is quite high.

Here are the available treatment options for double chin removal:

Kybella Treatment

One of the most effective and non-surgical ways to eliminate under-chin fat is through Kybella treatment. Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that targets and dissolves under chin fat cells. The procedure for this cosmetic miracle involves a series of injections that gradually reduce the fat under the chin, resulting in a more contoured jawline.

Other Treatment Options

While Kybella is a powerful solution, there are alternative treatments available as well that can be considered for the reduction of chin fat, such as:

CoolSculpting: Uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate chin fat cells.

– Liposuction: A surgical procedure to remove excess under-chin fat.

Ultherapy: Uses ultrasound technology to tighten and lift the skin.

At Syra Aesthetics, we offer personalized consultations that are free of cost, to determine the best treatment for your unique needs in relation to chin fat.

Who is The Ideal Candidate for Kybella?

Kybella is an excellent option for individuals with moderate to severe double chin, who are looking for a non-surgical solution against this unwanted chin fat. The ideal candidates for double chin removal are generally in good health and have realistic expectations about the results.

During your consultation at Syra Aesthetics, our experienced aesthetic professionals will carry out an in-depth assessment to determine your suitability for Kybella treatment.

How To Prepare for Kybella Treatment?

Preparing for Kybella treatment is quite simple and straightforward – Here are the 3 required steps towards chin fat removal:

1- Consultation:
Schedule a consultation with our expert aestheticians to discuss your goals as well as the medical history.

2- Avoid Blood Thinners:
Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications or supplements before the procedure.

3- Stay Hydrated:
Make sure that you are adequately hydrated before the treatment, to facilitate the healing process.

Treatable Areas for Kybella

Kybella, a groundbreaking injectable treatment for eliminating under chin fat, has been FDA-approved exclusively for treating the double chin. This approval is based on extensive clinical trials and research, ensuring its safety and efficacy for this specific application.

There are several aesthetic service providers that treat other areas of the body using Kybella – however, at Syra Aesthetics, we prioritize your safety and adhere strictly to the provided FDA guidelines. This commitment means that we exclusively use Kybella for its intended purpose only – for double chin removal. Our experienced aestheticians are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and using FDA-approved treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

While some providers may offer Kybella injections in other areas of the body as well, it’s essential to exercise caution when considering such off-label uses. These areas have not undergone the same rigorous testing and research as the double chin, and can potentially lead to unpredictable results as well as safety concerns.

Aftercare For Kybella Treatment

Following Kybella treatment, you may experience some swelling, bruising, or numbness in the treated area – Here are some post-treatment care tips:

Rest and Recovery: Allow yourself time to rest and recover, avoiding strenuous activities for a few days.

Stay Hydrated: Continue to stay well-hydrated to aid in the healing process.

Follow-Up Appointments: Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with our medical professionals to monitor your progress.


A double chin can be a persistent concern, but with the right treatment, you can achieve a more sculpted and youthful appearance. At Syra Aesthetics, we offer the latest and most effective solutions, including Kybella, as an option to address fat accumulation under the chin.

Eliminate double chin concerns— schedule a consultation today and start your journey toward a slimmer, more contoured jawline.

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